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Proactive Wellness Center Small Group Training

Proactive Wellness Center FitnessProactive Wellness Center has developed a signature line of exercise classes. All classes are small group training that blend group fitness, motivating workouts alongside peers, and the efficiency of a personal training session! Groups of typically 2-10 participants and are led by fitness professionals. Personal training is also available.

Fitness classes are an integral part of wellness offered to you by Proactive Wellness Center.

Think of fitness as one of the most affordable, self affirming, productive anti-aging medicines and join Proactive Wellness Center today - become proactive and empowered!

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Meet Your Fitness Professionals

Lim TwinsThroughout The Lim Twins fitness careers they have been role models for clients of all ages and fitness levels. By their own candid admission, though, being fit, they were not always health-conscious, and faced serious threats to their own sense of self worth. They were raised in less than perfect conditions and suffered mental and physical abuse, the type usually reserved for fictional novels. Learning to overcome these obstacles was both challenging and rewarding, as they learned to depend on themselves and gained strength in knowing they overcame, and eventually thrived, from a situation some don't escape from alive. Learning about the inseparable link between nutrition and the body, and using determination to focus on the good and not the bad, were just a few of the life-changing lessons that has fed The Lim Twins hunger to educate others on fitness, how to move forward, and to love their bodies no matter what size they are. In this fitness program, The Lim Twins will help clients discover nutrition, exercise, and the mind/body connection.

Taking Charge Of Your Fitness NOW - Means A Quality Life Today And Tomorrow

We all are amazing. Our bodies are changing, we cannot stop it, but we can enhance it. We must embrace and love our bodies no matter what shape or size it is in.

Instead of comparing ourselves to others or negative self-talk, we strive to teach how to focus on our own strengths, capabilities, and beauty. The Lim Twins see it as undergoing a remarkable transformation, called ‘metamorphosis’ - to become the beautiful parts that make up a butterfly requires a conscious effort and nurturing that only we can give ourselves.

This Is Your Time NOW. Emerge. Be Fit. Be Healthy.

Are you over 40 without a consistent fitness routine?

If so, keep this in mind: After 50, sedentary people can lose 15% of their muscle mass each decade. After 70, that increases to 30% per decade. The Lim Twins will offer specialized fitness programs made just for YOU! Mind you, you will still sweat and be challenged. But, you will not be required to do burpees or exercises that will make your heart rate jump so high you may feel like passing out or get sick! Lets leave it to the young and daring for those exercises!

Do you want to know more about what is going on inside your body and deal with it now before it becomes an issue?

Proactive Wellness Center offer simple tests and 1:1 consultations performed by Dr. Arena who dedicated his life and practice to fitness, wellness and holistic approaches.

Are you overwhelmed by the thousands of products and ideas that are being marketed directly at you every day?

You are not alone. Proactive Wellness Center offer various workshops and guest speakers that will be essential to women over 40.

Why go to Proactive Wellness Center?

Being proactive with your our body is an investment for a more independent, healthy life that will go well into your senior years. A life where you can work or pursue interests without the limitations of chronic illnesses brought on by a sedentary lifestyle. A life that will give you freedom to move and to become more in-tune with who you are - body, mind and wellbeing. This program will work from the inside, out.

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