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Are you ready to take charge of your own lifestyle pattern?

Proactive Wellness Center LifestyleProactive Wellness Center works the body inside out resulting in you feeling better, having more energy, becoming more alert, and enjoying your life to the absolute fullest that you possibly can!

The caring staff at Proactive Wellness Center will assist YOU in improving productivity, saving money, and having an overall healthier lifestyle. The staff will attempt to help you address potential medical problems before they become major medical issues and will help guide you on your path to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Proactive Wellness Center offers free workshops on topics that will further educate individuals on healthcare system, insurance issues, healthy living tips, and much much more!

According to The American Journal of Medicine, the numbers are declining for people living a healthy lifestyle. Despite the well-known benefits of having a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables, maintaining a healthy weight, moderate alcohol use and not smoking, follow a healthy lifestyle pattern. It is estimated that seventy percent of all disease is caused by inappropriate and unhealthy lifestyles. We suspect, based on our experience today, that percentage is even higher.

So since the cause of most disease is usually in your lifestyle, your health and wellness has to be up to you.  Are you ready to take charge of your own lifestyle pattern? If you want to prevent or cure a health problem, it's up to you - let us help!

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Proactive Wellness Center brings an integrative approach to patient care that merges the latest in scientifically validated treatments with the best of conventional medical therapies, and doctor approved physical fitness programsa new concept and revolutionary to the wellness center environment – all accommodated under one roof!  

With the care at Proactive Wellness Center and Dr. Anthony Arena's passion in wellness, you can actively take charge of your own health, you will see how rewarding healthy living can truly be. Dr. Arena may prescribe certain tests to determine the proper care for you.

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