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Proactive Wellness Center - Special Weight Loss Coupon

Custom weight loss program breakthrough now available locally!Custom weight loss program breakthrough now available locally!

Don’t you find it strange that you and I spend more money on healthcare than the average person in any other country in the world? Yet people in Norway, Switzerland, Canada, U.K., France and other developed nations all outlive us.

Why are we not living longer, despite all the money we spend on doctors, hospitals and drugs? Well, about a year and a half ago, I began to search for answers to that simple question.

The results I’ve uncovered will shock you!

In short, I’ve found that the foods we are eating are not only making us fat, they also could be poisoning us. I’m talking about food you probably have in your kitchen, in your refrigerator, right now. Food you’re going to eat tonight. Food you’re going to feed your spouse. Your children. And your grandchildren.

Like many other useful discoveries, this was the result of an accident

Alexander Fleming didn't clean up his workstation before leaving for a two week vacation back in 1928. When he returned, he noticed a strange fungus on some of his cultures, but it wasn't growing near a mold that had developed. His untidiness led to the discovery of the first, most important, and still-widely used antibiotic.

Originally this little blue miracle pill was developed in an attempt to treat Angina Pectoris – chest pains. Though they failed in their primary aim, the side effects on their male participants were startling, and now infamous. For the first time ever, men were actually willing to come in to be tested and treated for erectile dysfunction – which pleased women everywhere.

The list of accidental discoveries goes on and on.

It Happened over the course of a year and a Half

Our clinic in Brighton began offering a Food Intolerance Test, Hair Analysis Testing and an Adrenal Stress Index Test. It wasn’t a big event, I simply put up a poster in the treatment rooms and patients began asking if they could take the test. All of the patients asking for the test were suffering from intestinal issues such as GERD, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Constipation, Diarrhea, and general issues relating to digestive issues.

Best “side” effect ever!

I soon noticed that these patients were reporting that they were losing weight and feeling stronger not to mention the fact that they no longer had to look for a restaurant table close to the bathroom.

The Three pronged attack plan is born!

  • The Food Intolerance Test is the first prong and is essential for a successful diet. It is a blood test that identifies the foods that your body likes and the ones it doesn’t agree with. Removing the foods it doesn’t agree with is imperative to losing weight.
  • The Hair Analysis Test serves to identify any heavy metal poisoning or mineral imbalances that may be hindering your ability to lose weight and thrive.
  • The Adrenal Stress Index Test helps determine the status of your adrenal function which is a major factor for weight control.

What to do with the excess belly fat?

Believe it or not weight loss does have negative side effects. Excess belly fat, back fat and “saddlebags” were now a real concern for our patients so we decided to help with this “problem”. We offer a low level laser that is FDA approved for body contouring and allow our patients to utilize it for helping to reduce stubborn trouble spots. After all, looking good does help make you feel good!

The above are only a portion of the Proactive Fat Loss Plan
- a customized plan made just for your body!

Call 248.957.9548
to schedule your appointment now!

A weight loss program that is all about YOU!


Proactive Wellness Center - Special Weight Loss Coupon

The FIRST customized program that includes everything you need for a successful weight loss journey.
All you need is the determination and will to do it!


mind. body. health.

Make sure to make your appointment with the Proactive Wellness Center and see how much we can help you.

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